5 Stylish Interior Decorating Secrets


The best part about Interior Decorating is that there are no rules to it. If you play with the furniture pieces and try experimenting, the house will look more lively and well organized. The secret to a beautiful home décor is that the best and stylish tricks don’t need much effort and money. You can try these simple ideas to make your house look photo ready:

Play with Colors:
The oldest trick in the book is to play with colors. If your room looks a bit dull, color is the only thing that can add life to it. The best thing is that color can be added in many ways. You can place a huge bowl of red apples on the kitchen counter to light up the area as it casts texture to a neutral looking space. Many interior decorators go for bold colors that dominate the hue, to make a place look striking.

Play with colors
Play with colors – Living concept.


Use Throw Pillows:

Throw Pillows are easily available in the market in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are the finest way to accessorize your comfortable sofa as they are inexpensive and can go with every setting. According to experts, throw pillows are an amazing way to get a casual polish to any space. For a standard sofa or chair, the pillow size can go up to 20 inches. Also, layering works quite well when you are decorating your drawing room.

Use throw pillows add character to the room.
Use throw pillows add character to the room.


Decorating with houseplants:
One of the terrific ways to add dimension to a room is by using houseplants that can be placed on the floor and tables. These plants look the best in small interiors that have high ceiling length. For homeowners who want to avoid the hassle of maintaining plants can use artificial plant cuttings and place them in a clear vase. If you spread out these plant cuttings, it will cover up maximum height making the place look vibrant.

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Plants are a great addition to room. Find the best indoor plants for freshness int he room.


Mix and Match objects:
Now let us explain you the concept of grouping. When you cannot find perfectly sized pieces, grouping them in odd numbers is a great way to start. But, identical pieces look a tad bit boring so make sure that you go for objects of different sizes and shapes. Mix up your trios and see the difference yourself.

Mixing in threes are pleasure to eyes.
Mixing in threes are pleasure to eyes.


Let some light come in:
Your space needs no extra lighting if there is plenty of natural light coming in. But, as this is not possible homeowners can use lamps or hanging lights at night. The best part about this practice is that these lights can be used in many different colors and, you can choose accordingly. Bring your space to life with this amazing trick.

Light up the room!
Light up the room!

Simplicity is a powerful tool and combining it with Interior Decorating can showcase great results. For residential places, less is more and things are the best when they look effortless. Now map out the area of the place and start working. Do not forget to keep it simple yet stylish!