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Where do you find good quality furniture in Chandigarh? Welcome to a world of exclusive furniture where we believe in growing, changing and innovating your homes and offices – The Living Concept.

We understand, you are planning something amazing and spectacular so, at The Living Concept, we help you furnish your space with the best.

With the world class sofas, chairs, tables and consoles, you can do wonders to your interior.

Whether you are setting up a new office space or your house in Chandigarh, we are your ideal choice. We get you pieces of art that are nowhere to be found as they are designed by our group of creative designers.

Teak wood furniture for life

Teak wood has been our top choice for wooden furnishing due to its weatherproofing and long-lasting nature.
Teak made furniture becomes a statement piece of your place and look uniquely beautiful without any extra decoration.

Duco Paint for a buttery smooth finish

We paint the teak wood with the premium Duco paint to maintain its longevity. If you prefer the paint of the original teak, we also have the option to customize your furniture. You can make it look the way you wish and we’ll be happy to help.

Touch of sparkle with Glass

Glass is perfect to add expression to any furniture. We have creatively used the finest quality glass on the table tops for an exquisite look. The crystal clear appearance makes them perfect to go with every room setting.

Fabric that changes the look of your space

Our chairs and tables are designed with superior quality fabrics that are well crafted and durable. There soft and light touch creates an illusion of relaxing on feathers. We also give you the option to choose the fabric colors that is best for your place.

Our products have been crafted in such a way that you won’t have to spend more on other decors. They are bold and classy and they look perfect at your place.

We have created these beautiful furniture pieces with a belief that quality and value never goes out of fashion. Our experts have dedicated their wisdom of art and time in each of our products and have made a unique fusion of modern art with abstract that is worth the investment.

Our working process is very simple. We constantly listen to you, understand what you want and deliver you amazing products with exceptional quality. Even if you have no idea of from where to start, we work thoughtfully by sitting down with you and create ideas for a better-looking space.

Experience the future of interior design only with The Living Concept.
The best furniture store in Chandigarh and around.
Connect with us to give your room and office furnishing a professional touch. Let us help you start a furniture collection to cherish.

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