Corbusier Arc Chair

As homeowners, we never make the most of our furniture. Mostly, we purchase a piece just because it matches our home interiors. We compromise over the quality and end up buying something that will rest in the living room.

Chairs are an essential furniture piece of any home. We are introducing a chair which is great  for your living room and study (in homes or offices).

This chair is a body friendly furniture that is specifically designed for your comfort.

The Corbusier Arc Chair is a latest addition to our amazing collection.

Corbusier Arc Chair

The Corbusier Arc Chair is your personal relaxing machine and we have built the right arc shape to offer support to your back. This is one of the most beautiful and comfortable pieces of furniture ever designed.

Inspiration behind the name: the great Le Corbusier.

We have created this chair in remembrance of the legendary architect that ever lived, Le Corbusier, the person who prepared the master plan for the city of Chandigarh.  

Just like his unique and incredible designs, this is an iconic chair that resembles his amazing works.

You’ll definitely see our love for visual arts in this arc chair, as it is an amalgamation of traditional comfort and modern style.

With an extremely soft and in-vogue fabric, it creates a sense of uniqueness in your living room area. We also give you options to customise the fabric colors that will match your living room and study perfectly.

Made up of the highest quality teak wood, this chair is a treasured piece for lifetime. The handles on the chair offer great support to your arms while reading and working.


The Corbusier Arc Chair

What’s a chair that doesn’t offer you real comfort? Just another piece of furniture!

We at The Living Concept work towards delivering sophisticated furniture items made with optimum quality materials.  

Our team works hard to make this chair what it is.

If you love designing your place, furniture pieces are the elements that bring life to your home. As a store that creates furniture on demand, we appreciate your efforts of learning about furniture and putting a great thought in every corner.

Over the years, we have seen significant changes in our client’s choices. Comfort has become the top most priority of every homeowner.
Yes, style is a bonus and we have decided to carefully craft every piece before it becomes a part of your space.

The Living Concept has decided to design furniture that is created only for your home and office. Furniture that speaks your personality and represents your aura. Come and have a look at our collection today!

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