Decorating tips at Living Concept Chandigarh


Imagining and dreaming is a great concept in the world of designing. There aren’t any set of protocols that a designer needs to follow to make things look better. Thinking out-of-the-box can work great for designers and can actually create something innovative.

If you are an interior designer, you will definitely connect with the idea of the “rule breaking” intuition. Isn’t that exciting? You have the capabilities to mix and match the oddest things and make space look seamless. Well, if you love the job and want to improvise, here are a few tips to be quirky and creative:


Choose your Paint color at last:

“Why not enter the new house with fresh paint?” This is a common question of clients to their interior designer. But, how will you choose the right color without creating a visual of your furniture? Experts suggest picking the paint color after you have finalized the furniture pieces.

Room in white
Minimal white color – choose paint later.


Create height with low furniture:

Rather going for strong horizontals, fake heights by using objects with strong verticals. This way, the room looks fuller yet your furniture gets the space to breathe. Buy low height furniture that highlights the room ceiling in the perfect way.

Low height furniture
Get Low height furniture to make room look bigger. (image credits – Domino)


Pay attention to the height of your wall hangings

The right height to hang your room ceiling is 57 cm. Room ceiling creates a focal point and hanging them above the couch can add definition to a plain look. Read our The Living room tips and tricks to understand the wall hanging concept in detail.

Wall hangings at a good height.
Wall hangings at a good height.


Use metallic colors for a sheen look:

No doubt, the best metallic colors for room décor are gold and silver. You know that, right? But, how often have you used them together? Gold and silver look classy when mixed with each other. They create a bigger impact than brighter colors.

Metallic colors on the wall.
Metallic colors add that classy finish to the room.


Use classy mirrors for a pretty look:

Interior decorators love the decoration with mirrors. The strategy of using a mirror is to amplify the look of the interiors. So, you should put a careful thought while placing it anywhere. A statement chandelier looks the best in the background. What the mirror reflects is the real deal!

Classy mirrors
Classy mirrors matched with chandelier adds to the beauty of the room.

Get the right coffee table:

Consider the coffee table as the missing piece of the puzzle. After you have placed the furniture, think on what type of coffee table will be appropriate for the complete setting. Always pay attention to your coffee table as is the centerpiece of attraction. Visit a furniture store and choose!

Coffee table
Coffee table when matched with the interiors adds to the beauty of the room


Experiment with the Dining room seating:

To give the indoors a playful look, experiment with the dining room chairs. Identical chairs look boring and the room looks more like a meeting room! Rather than matching the chairs, try the concept of mixing them. Set a base color and play with the hue.

Experimenting with dining chairs makes it interesting.
Experimenting with dining chairs makes it interesting.


Now beat the conventional ways of decorating and go on a spree with these techniques. Also, if you are looking for designer furniture pieces, The Living Concept offers the finest furniture to encourage luxury living. Browse the collection and find out about the unique items that will accentuate the indoors.