Royal Dutchess Dining Table

Whenever clients ask us about the best dining table for their home, we suggest them to spend the money on the seating they are comfortable in. A dining table is a furniture piece that can last a lifetime if you choose the right one.

If you have ever hired an interior designer, there are a set of questions that you are asked by the professional. The sole motive of that questionnaire is to understand you better and work accordingly for your place.

The dining table is one of the best places where you connect and bond with guests. Whenever you have your friends over for dinner, this is the most utilized area of your house. So, you must invest a great thought to make that time something you would look forward to.

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make is, not putting a creative thought on their dining table and chairs.

For those who desire the best piece of furniture in their dining rooms, we bring you the amazing Royal Dutchess Dining Table that gives a royal and rustic feel to your ordinary looking room. This beautiful dining table is also perfect for those who are greatly influenced by the vintage culture. With a great dining table design and perfect seating arrangement, this is the best dining table available in Chandigarh.

The Royal Dutchess Dining Table by Living Concept is the absolute representation of class and style. From a decorator’s point of view, it is the ultimate choice to make your dining area the center of attraction.

Made of the finest Teak from the central states of India, this furniture piece is the work of a true artist. By using Duco paint on the teak wood, we assure you that this product is an investment and more than just furniture. Being white in color, the table can go with almost every background and fits any room color.

Here are some illustrations on how it looks with different backgrounds:

Dining Table with Red Background
Royal Dutchess On Red Background
Dining Table with Green Background
Royal Dutchess On Green Background
Dining Table with Blue Background
Royal Dutchess On Blue Background
Dining Table with Yellow Background
Royal Dutchess On Yellow Background

White is the perfect color to go for if you are skeptical about what will match the room. The tabletop is made up of hardwood or an option is with marble top. It is shielded with a glass top so that it becomes super easy for homeowners to clean the table after a get-together.

This 8-seat dining table also offers extended length to accommodate extra guests whenever you plan parties at home.

The best part is – fabric is easy to clean and you won’t have to worry the next time your children go a little crazy with food.

Made from pure teak wood, the chairs are sturdy yet quite lightweight as compared to other ordinary assets. They can be easily shifted to your living room area when you have to entertain some surprise guests.

Life is beautiful when your loved ones are around and you’ll have to make efforts to keep it that way. Let us help you in creating a beautiful interior, so that your loved ones love to visit you.

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