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classy mirror for interior design

How a classy mirror can change the look of your interiors

In today’s age, mirrors are more than just a practical companion that helps you to get ready every morning. Designers have put in a lot of effort to evolve these mirrors and make them an essential interior décor tool.  Apart from all the practical purposes of a mirror, people are investing in mirrors to give their home a much vibrant look. How often have you thought about positioning your mirror right? Well, there aren’t many homeowners who give this a shot. But trust us, putting your efforts and money in a beautifully designed mirror is a great way to amplify your expensive furniture.  

If you have any creative motives to redesign your room, there are many things that you need to consider. Rather than investing on some antique item that digs a hole in the pocket, go for this practical yet classy reflective accessory that enhances the beauty of your space. If you are not much familiar about interior designing, don’t worry, we have got you covered. Choose a versatile statement piece that goes with almost every setting. We call it the Ivory Heaven Mirror!

Ivory Heaven Mirror
Our ivory heaven mirror

Our Ivory Heaven Mirror is made of Teak Wood, one of the most valuable woods available. Its P.U polishing and Duco paint give this statement mirror a versatile look for every setting. Big enough to fit your master bedroom, this is the perfect way to create a focal point with a sense of artistry. However, if you want this mirror to amplify the look of your living room, try fitting it near the chandelier for a reflective background.

Making a focal point with mirror
Making a focal point with mirror

So, what are you waiting for? Now you know how to style this amazing mirror to set a great effect. Get connected with us at The Living Concept and meet experts who are eagerly waiting to share their knowledge with you. Learn about the various tips and tricks on interior designing and switch onto a luxurious and stylish lifestyle.